Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh, those wacky Japanese...

I love anime and manga. And cute gashapon toys. And delicious Japanese food! But, I gotta admit, there are some wacky Japanese people and products out there (just like there are crazy crazy Americans!!) so I've noted a few here that I've run across:

In November of 2008, a Japanese man started an online petition to beg the government to let him marry... and anime character!! He wants to marry Asahina Mikuru from “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” (can you say big boobs, tiny waist?). So, I guess us "real" women aren't enough for him. I mean, we don't have those large anime eyes... but... OMG.... you can! Which brings me to my next crazy Japanese thing...
(source: Metro)

Anime Eyes!!
Yes, girls, you too can look like an anime character! These special contact lenses will give any girl that big-eyed anime look. The contacts enlarge the pupils, and come in a variety of colors. Personally, I wouldn't wear these clubbing late at night, because if a police officer pulled my car over, he'd think I either just went to the eye doctor and had my pupils dialated, or I was high on something. Probably the latter. LOL
(source: Walyou)

A Japanese scientist in Canada built himself a robot girlfriend. Aiko, the robot, can do household chores and accounting. And she can speak in Japanese and English. What more can a man ask for? And she only cost $18,500 to make. He's getting a deal, if you ask me. She doesn't talk back, she's respectful. Unfortunately, she's not built for sexual satisfaction, and says "I do not like it when you touch my breasts" if you touch her chest.
Youtube video.
(souce: infoniac)

Back to contact lenses... if anime eyes aren't cool enough for you... how about some Hello Kitty eyes? Yes, I said Hello Kitty. Do you think that'll make men look more deeply into your eyes? Or run away screaming?
(source: KittyHell)

For those of you who have allergies, I think this handy dandy Japanese invention would be just the thing to stop that constant nasal drip. Too bad you'd also look like a total and complete idiot while wearing it! And... wouldn't this fall off your head as you bent over to flush the toilet?? ROFL
Go here to find photos of many more wacky Japanese inventions!
(source: yeeta)

For all you single ladies out there, this is one product that you can't live without. It's called the Boyfriend Arm Pillow. It won't send you flowers or tell you how beautiful you are, but it does have its advantages. It won't steal the covers. It doesn't snore. I wonder if it comes with a build in hot water bottle?
(source: Wacky Japanese Stuff)

For the boys... there's a Girlfriend Pillow. They even have tiny, but squeezable boobs! Grope away, boys, grope away!
(source: Wacky Japanese Stuff)

頭がおかしい (atama ga okashii)


Suzu said...

Th inventions areactually semi-real. They're Chindogu->ōgu

Allie said...

@Suzu - my brother gave me a Japanese book of these inventions. My husband won't eat "whole fish", so one of the inventions was a black cover that goes over the fish head so you don't have to look at it. LOL

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