Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Things that make you go *squee*

Tissie, Meg and I all love really really cute things. Tokidoki characters. Winnie the Pooh. Snoopy. So, I've found some squee-invoking items from Japan that I wanted to share with everyone.

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Dreamy Collaboration.

Tokidoki meets Hello Kitty, and it's all... pink?? This collection consists of key chains, cell phone straps, long chains (I think they're bracelets), and plushes. They can be purchased through Strapya-World. I've ordered from them before, and their shipping is not over-priced, and items do arrive quickly.

Electronic Kitten Paw Keychain Phone Strap

Push the buttons, and the keychain will "Meow". It's sure to annoy your friends, but delight you to no end. This phone strap comes in yellow and black as well, and can also be purchased through Strap-ya World.

There's even a video of this little keychain in action on YouTube.

Popping Edamame Keychain

If you have "raccoon hands" (as my friend calls it) like me, you like having something in your hands to play with. You need a popping edamame keychain! There are 3 beans in each pod, and it can be strangely addictiving to pop them in and out of their pod.

You can purchase these in 5 different colors at Strap-ya World, or from ThinkGeek.

Here's a video of this little keychain in action on YouTube.
And this little animation has a cute song to go along with your edamame popping fun.

Niko Niko Punch 3 - Face Bento Decoration

Put a piece of seaweed (nori) in this little hole punch, and you can create cute little faces for your onigiri (rice balls). There's even a little doggie face. Awwww....

You can purchase this 3-punch set at J-List.

Aranzi Machine Gun Vol. 1
By Aranzi Aronzo
Publisher: Verical
MSRP: 9.95
Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

This mook (a cross between a book and magazine) takes cute to a new level. It's part comic and part craft book and contains all of the charcters from The Cute Book doing all kinds of, well, cute things!

Stitch Mint Case Jewelry Jacket

*squee* *squee* *squee* *squee*
This one's my favorite. :D I wonder if it would fit my "moo" business cards?? OMG.. that would be AWESOME!
*Allie wanders off to order one*

You can purchase this at Strap-ya World.

Hello Kitty Tattoo Key Covers with Ball Chain

Darn it. These are sold out. :( The Pirate key cover is just too darn cute!! Hopefully Strap-ya World will restock these.

~Allie *squee*

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Figure.10 said...

My list would have less Japan stuff and more...boys with cool hair. I have a problem. :D I like the paw cell phone charm, though.

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