Monday, June 22, 2009

Things that make you go *squee* - an addition!!

I found one more item that I just had to post...

Mini Comic Notepads!!
You can write your own story! All of the speech balloons are blank, so you can make up your own dialog. Hmmm.... I can totally see it.. Keroro yaoi!! LOL The pages can be torn out also and used as notepaper. Too cute! I guess Tissie and Meg know what they're getting for Christmas now! Hmmm... which ones to buy... Cromartie High School, Devilman... Cutie Hunney?? Oh, the possibilities!!

Available at Strapya World.
*runs off to break into her piggy bank*



Suzu said...

Haha, I own two Keroro Yaoi Doujinshi by Zaou Taishi. XD And yes, they'rw freaky, but at least the frogs turn into hot guys. :p

Allie said...

Oooh... how cute! I love Taishi Zhao/Mikiyo Tsuda!! :D Yayz! A nice twist of the princess and the frog... but you end up with two prices! :D

Suzu said...

And lots of Sex! :D

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