Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Things that make you go *squee* 2

Disney Sweets!!!
These little Disney themed cell phone straps are kawaii!!! There are 20 different charms, including cakes, pancakes, ice cream, donuts, lollipops, coffee and fruits. Most are on pre-order, and several are already sold out. I'm not sure if I'm going to order these or not because, they make me hungry!

You can purchase these at Strapya World.

Hello Kitty meets Gloomy Bear! Cell phone straps.
Hmmm... there's something kinda creepy about Hello Kitty in a Gloomy Bear suit, but kinda cute in a weird gothic way. I see blood spatters, but where is Pitty?

You can purchase these at Strapya World.

Warning: Rated "H".
H is for ecchi... :D Need I say more?
Only XS and M are left, so get yours quick!

Purchase this t-shirt at JList.

Cinnamoroll Egg Shaper.
A friend of mine recently told me about egg shapers. I had no idea that you could take a warm egg, lock it into an egg shaper like this one, put it in the fridge, and have the egg come out in the shape of whatever the mold looks like! Sooo cute! They come in various shapes, including Helly Kitty, My Melody, fish, cars, rabbits, bears, and many more.

Just go to JList and search "egg shaper" to see all of the designs that they carry.

IWG 1" Zipper Pulls!
I love really cute zipper pulls, and KidRobot has come out with yet another set of really cute characters! IWG aka Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo has designed a set of 1" zipper pulls that come in blind boxes. There are 17 different designs, including four ?? figures. These cost $3.95 each, and can be purchased at KidRobot.

They also have a really cute Munny set of zipper pulls for $2.95 each. :D

Tokidoki skins for Macbook Pros and iPhones.
Tokidoki meets Apple. *squee* My Macbook Pro needs a new look, and I think I've found it. These protective skins for your laptop come in 4 designs and are $29.95. I can't decide between the Gela-Skin Inferno (pictured) or the Gela-Skin 777. Tissie, some of these are available for the 13" macbooks! These are available through the TokiDoki store.

Hmm... must go shop. :D
~Allie *squeeeeee*


Suzu said...

Hahah, do you know what? I'm wearing the Rated H Tshirt right now. XD I'm glad that no japanese customers came to the shop today. XD

Allie said...

@Suzu - Ooooh... cute! :D I'm going to order one, but my husband won't understand what it means. *tee hee*

Tissie said...

Ooooh! Tokidoki skins. But they will cover up the apple on the front. :( I like the apple.

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