Monday, June 22, 2009

Things that make you go *squee* 3

Are you a dog owner? Then these cute toys are for you!!
These toys are made out of cotton rope and are made in the shape of a bone. More than 100 knots make up this "bone", and your dog will be occupied for hours trying to untie them. They're good for your dog's teeth too. These toys come in other shapes too, including carrots, rabbits, donuts and knots.
Available through the manufacturer, Harry Barker, Inc. and from other pet supply retailers.

For cat lovers, they make mouse rope toys and catnip holders.
Also available through Harry Barker, Inc.
Wow. I really want to go out and find a pet now! :D

Kawaii!!! Tokidoki Frenzies!!
Tokidoki is coming out with a set of zipper pulls/cell phone charms! These adorable charms will be available some time in July. Just in time for ComicCon! There are 22 different "Frenzies", and will come in blind boxes - meaning they're all individually packaged, and you won't know which character you get until you open it. This set includes characters from the Moofia, Cactus Friends, and 'Til Death Do Us Part. You can see more info at Strange Co.

These are in stock now directly through Tokidoki. :D

Comic-Con 2009 Exclusives!
Every year, dozens of limited edition merchandise is sold at San Deigo Comic-Con. Here are two items that caught my eye:
Silver Astronaut Snoopy Figurine
LE 400, Price: TBD
In celebration of Snoopy's 40 years with the US Space Program.
Little Big Planet SackBoy
Price: TBD
Sackboy's wearing a ComicCon Int'l logo shirt!

Mater and friends!

Rescue Squad Mater and Dalmation Tia and Dalmation Tia are dressed and ready to fight some fires! Available at the show and on after ComicCon.

USB Owls!
These cute little owls either sit on your laptop screen or sit on a stump next to your computer. Plug 'em into your USB port, and this little critter blinks and moves its head.
Available at Think Geek and Strapya World. There's also a cute video (on both sites) where you can see these little guys in action.

That's it for now. More cute stuff soon!


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