Saturday, May 9, 2009

Book Lover's Recession Tips #3: Used Bookstores

If money is tight these days, one of the best places to snag lots of books on the cheap is your local used bookstore or library book sale!

Library Book Sales

Next time you swing by your local library, ask about their next Friends of the Library Book Sale. When books are new, most libraries will buy multiple copies to keep on the shelves. But as interest in the book decreases, they will sell off additional copies to make more room on their shelves. Also, when people donate books to the library, they end up in the book sale if they aren't needed. With pricing usually around $1 for hardcovers and a few quarters for paperbacks, you can always find some good steals.

Used Bookstores

Whether online or brick-and-mortar, used bookstores are a great place to trade in your old books and get new ones at cheap prices. A few notable online used bookstores are, Powells Books , and of course has a used marketplace. Just a word of caution on online books sales, check the shipping cost! A small flat rate priority mail box is only $4.95. So any shipping cost over $5 is suspect.



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