Friday, May 1, 2009

Tissie here from 3GG!

Hi and welcome to 3GG! Tissie here reporting live from New England.

So who and what is 3 Girl Group? Well, we are three girls with an interest in anime, comics, books and pop culture in general. I specifically have a soft spot for trashy romance novels, slice of life anime series, tokidoki figures and any manga that has really pretty guys - and if they guys happen to like each other it gets bonus points!

So what can you expect from my posts?

(1) Light hearted commentary on the state of the anime and manga industry. (Outlook not good by the way...)

(2) The occassional shojo manga review

(3) The frequent yaoi manga review *teehee*

(4) Occasional convention reports. Book Expo America is coming up and yours truly has a pass!

(5) The occasional ranting and ravings of a fan with too many feelings of entitlement

(6) Interviews with the cool people in the industry

(7) A few random posts just for fun

So sit back and enjoy the ride and the pretty pictures!




Anonymous said...

Just outta curiosity, are any of the 3gg going to any yaoi-related cons this year? ^_^

Tissie said...

Hmm... maybe... Minami Haruka is the guest of honor of Yaoi Con this year. What I would give to be there!

Anonymous said...

Muahaha... join us(me and aoi). We'll stalk sensei together.

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