Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Book Review: Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward

Book Information
Publisher: Penguin Group
Publication Date: April 2009
ISBN-13: 978-0451225856
MSRP: $24.95
Format: Hardcover
Available from Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble and Powell's

J.R. Ward graduates from mass market paperback to hardcover in book #7 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood vampire series. This volume continues many of the personal and political subplots that have been weaved through previous books. But don't count on having any of these storylines being resolved just yet.

Rehvenge isn't a member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Up until now, his role in the story has been as Brotherhood member Phury's drug dealer as well as owning the bar the Brotherhood members frequent when off duty. However, Rehvenge is a symphath, a form of vampire who feeds not only on blood, but on the emotions of other people. Symphaths are forced to live apart from the rest of the vampire race in a remote colony for obvious reasons. Rehvenge is a half breed and able to control his darker passions with heavy drug use. A little ironic that the drug lord of Caldwell, NY is a serious drug addict himself.

On a trip to see his own drug dealer, or doctor, Rehvenge encounters Ehlena. A nurse at the vampire clinic, Ehlena draws the short-stick and ends up having to treat Rehvenge. Naturally, the attraction is instant and so begins the next vampire male's redemption through love.

While Rehvenge's trials are the main focus of the book, the war between the Lessening Society and the Brotherhood continues to rage in the background. The Lessening Society seeks to wipe out the vampire's existence. Birthed by the Omega, the lessers are the walking dead and cold blooded killers. While the history between the two groups hasn't been completely explained, the vampires are the children of the Scribe Virgin, the Omega's sister. One would think the war between the two is more than a bit of sibling rivalry.

Rehvenge's book contains the usual mix of action, intrigue, betrayal and redemption that have become the staples of each of Ward's books. Previous books have been written from an omniscient third person point of view that would alternate pretty consistently: (1) the perspective of the lessening society and (2) the perspective of the Brotherhood member highlighted in the volume. This volume jumps from so many perspectives, that in some places, it is a little confusing as to who is doing what, who knows what secret and who is mad at whom.

Lover Avenged was a very enjoyable read. While a bit face paced and melodramatic at times, it served as a great bridge from previous books to what one can only assume will be the climax of the series. While most of the subplots remain unresolved, the story lines have been advanced far enough that they could be summed up in one or two more books. I am not sure how long Ward plans to continue the series. A romance series at the heart, she is running out of single male characters.

$24.95 is a bit much to pay for a book, so check this one out of the library if you need to read it now. Otherwise, wait for the paperback. That way, it will match all the other volumes on your shelf. >_<

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