Thursday, May 14, 2009

He-Man Master of the Universe Movie

So, it looks like there might be a new He-Man movie coming soon (but not that soon). But the news is that the movie has landed a new writer. According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Warners sees the big-screen version as a gritty fantasy and reimagines Adam as a soldier who sets off to find his destiny, happening upon the magical world of Eternia. There, Skeletor has raised a technological army and is bent on eradicating magic."

WTF? Technological army? He-Man is fantasy - NOT Fantasy/SciFi. Wait a sec... if He-Man is fantasy... then maybe it should be a yaoi love story!!! It'd make more sense than an army of robots. He and Duncan (Man-At-Arms) can have a rocky relationship of sort. Of course, it'd be obvious who the seme be. Duh... Man-At-Arms.

Last of all, what about She-Ra? We need more women kicking butt. I'm sick and tired of lame women superhero movies. If it was Tissie, Allie, and I, we'd kick ALL the guys asses.

So, the moral of this post is, I don't know...


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