Monday, May 4, 2009

Boys kissing other boys

It seems like there's been a lot of boy on boy action in the media lately. Brokeback Mountain stirred things up in 2005 with some boy on boy "wrassling", and a few of today's films are continuing the trend with some steamy onscreen kisses. MTV has announced its nominees for their latest 2009 MTV movie awards show, and in their BEST KISS catagory, surprise, surprise, what do we have here??? The nominees include: James Franco and Sean Penn in Milk, and Paul Rudd and Thomas Lennon in I Love You, Man. Wow!! Now, to anyone who's read yoai, this is no BFD, but it's nice for me to see that the rest of America is catching up. So, click here: MTV 2009 Movie Awards and vote for the best kiss...

Also in the news is American Idol contestant, Adam Lambert (pictured above). And speculation whether he's gay or bisexual. Really, does it matter? Even if he's gay, it's not gonna stop the tweens from squeeing and voting for him, but then again, look what the teen contingent has done for Clay Aiken's career... hmmm.... But, regardless, I'd have to give all this boy kissing stuff a double thumbs up.



aoi_aka said...

Oooh, so Milk is so not the movie to watch with my parents. Dad clenches his jaw and mom gasps. I can so see it. I don't see where I can vote, though. :(

And too bad he's not on NNDB. At least not yet but if he wins, he probably will.

Allie said...

@aoi-aka... if you go to the MTV link, there should be a yellow VOTE button to the right of the video clips. I like that they have clips of the kisses so that you can watch them. LOL

aoi_aka said...

Ah, I was looking at the page with Chrome and I don't have all the thingies installed so I couldn't even see the videos or the buttons. ^^;; Thanks!

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